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Below 40 (Single Vision)

Hoya single vision lenses is the solution to help correct your vision at one distance. These lenses are carefully designed utilising cutting edge technology to be significantly thinner, flatter and lighter than regular lenses, providing you with wider, clearer vision and all day comfort.

Above 40 (Progressive Lens)

After you pass the milestone age of 40, you'll notice it's more difficult to focus on objects up close because of presbyopia. As your presbyopia becomes more advanced, eventually you will need a progressive lens instead of reading glasses or bifocal eyeglasses.

Outdoor (Photochromics)

Hoya photochromic lenses darken under UV exposure and clear indoors without you having to take your glasses off. For the convenience of a two-in-one, photochromic lenses are suitable for any wearer.


Standard reading glasses have been the choice for many wearers for near vision tasks and computer use. However, reading glasses only offer a limited area of vision. Hoya’s occupational lens has been specifically designed with a greater depth of view, that extends the clear vision area.